Sasha: Between a pretty girls legs
Sasha is one of those girls who is a natural in front of the camera and more importantly Sasha knows what we want to see. Introduced to British Tease by another photographer, Sasha, as we have mentioned before decided to make the leap in to nude modelling for the simple reason she'd tried them "boring office jobs" and she wanted a little variety with her work, so Sasha decided to give modelling a try, and fortunately for us Sasha is a very realistic level headed girl, she knows there's a million girls who want to make it big by taking their top off but in order to make a real go of things she's going to have to go one further and take her panties off which is exactly what she does and she does it so willingly and in such an eager way, now Sasha is one of those girls that is totally in control of her femininity and knows exactly the power of what's between her legs.

2009 British Girls